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NOTE: All materials listed in this catalog are available for VCR use. All are 1/2" VHS.


1). Materials will be loaned only to member departments of the Central Iowa Training Association.

2). Order at least 7 days in advance.

3). Only one program may be ordered at a time. Please indicate 1 st , 2nd and 3rd choices.

4). Users should take appropriate care in handling materials.

5). Before returning, please see that slides are placed in correct order and that tapes are re-wound.

6). Materials should be returned the day following use. (Postmarks will be verification)

7). Materials will be sent in leather pouches as shown below. To return by mail, simply turn over the cards in the two windows. Return postage must be paid by department. The library address will already be printed on the reverse side of the address card.




8). To order by mail, please fill out Video request form


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