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The Central Iowa Training Association (CITA) owes it origins to Benton County.  In 1986, members of the Benton County Firemanís Association attempted to join the Quad County Film Library which was headquartered in the Waterloo Fire Department, but were denied admittance.  That denial was the genesis of CITA, as the Benton County Firemanís Association decided to try and form its own training film library association using the same principles as those of the Quad County Association.  Four firefighters from Benton County traveled to the counties of Linn, Iowa, Cedar, Tama and Johnson with the hope of getting four or five counties to join into what was already being called the Central Iowa Training Association.  Those firefighters were Steve Meyer from Garrison, Marlyn Lyons from Van Horne, Bob Downs from Vinton and Neil Benesh from Luzerne.  Five counties: Benton, Linn, Tama, Cedar and Johnson agreed to merge together and form the association.

 The first organizational meeting of the Central Iowa Training Association was held in Van Horne in January of 1987. 

The purpose of the Association was determined to provide affordable and available training through maintaining a film library and having an annual fire school.  Each member county put up $500, and each department in the five county area $100, for the initial operating capital.  With this money nearly one hundred videos were purchased within a year.  The first CITA Fire School was organized by Art Kloos in conjunction with Kirkwood, and had four one-half day sessions.  Seventy students attended.  The next year, Bill Smith took over as Fire School Chairman and classes were expanded to eight.  Over two hundred students attended that year, and the school, along with the library, has expanded ever since.

In 1989, Iowa and Delaware counties were admitted to the Association.

To view a list of fire departments that are currently members of the Central Iowa Training Association click here.


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