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Fire School Confirmations will be mailed out of the office by Friday, September 8th.

CALL 1(800) 332-8833 or (319) 398-1022

Inform the operator you are registering for the CITA Fire School. Please have the full name, address, phone number, social security number, course title and section number for each student you are registering. You may pay by check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.

If you want your tuition billed, they will register you must fill out the form located in the back of the book in order to have your tuition billed to your department or service; otherwise, you will be responsible for the charges. We have also added a link for you to print off the Billing Authorization Form.

Registering and Paying with Credit Card Online

To Register for Fire School Classes and pay by credit card please click here and select Environmental & Industrial Safety and then select Fire and Rescue.

Registering by Mail-In registration Form

To register by fax you may fill out the Fire School Registration Form and fax to the number listed at the top of the form.

Billing and Refund Policy

Individual may register and bill their departments (a billing authorization form must be filled out and returned). Invoices will not be sent to individuals. Billing for all registered participants will be done regardless of attendance. Please remember that lunch cost is part of your tuition.

Registrations canceled one week prior to September 21st must be cancelled in writing before 5:00 pm on September 21, 2017 will receive a full refund. Cancellations made after September 21, 2017, will not be eligible for refunds.

Volunteer Fire Fighter Training Fund Credit

The Volunteer Fire Fighter Training Fund will cover the tuition portion of the following classes:

  • Advanced Breathing Air Management
  • Advanced Mobile Live Burn Simulator
  • Big Rig Rescue
  • Combine Extrication
  • Grain Bin Rescue
  • HazMat: Handling Fuel Tanker Emergencies
  • High Angle Rope Rescue
  • Industrial Machinery Rescue
  • Rapid Intervention Basics for Firefighters
  • Tractor Rollover


This payment was only a reduction in the cost of the classes. You are still responsible for the cost listed
for each class.


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